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  • African Raga

    African Raga

    Join us as we make a documentary film on the epic 150 year history of Indians in Africa tracing their struggles, passions and conquests. View our sample trailer at

  • FOUR the film

    FOUR the film

    There’s no such thing as a simple plan. Martin Compston (The Damned United) Craig Conway (Dog Soldiers) Sean Pertwee (Mutant Chronicles) Kierston Wareing (The Take) Screenplay Paul Chronnell Director John Langridge Producer Raiomond Mirza

  • Hope Street

    Hope Street

    Drawing from exclusive access to the archives HOPE PLACE is a returnable drama series about the children living in the care homes founded by one of the nation’s best known, yet least understood historic figures. Thomas Barnardo’s campaign against destitution, poverty and prejudice has influenced most philanthropic institutions that exist today. Through powerful, emotional and…

  • Strangeways Here We Come

    Strangeways Here We Come

    SYNOPSIS Sucked into loans and finding themselves trapped by the astronomical interest rates of evil loan shark Danny Nolan, the desperate residents of Owen Street in Salford come to the conclusion that the only way to free themselves is by bumping him off. One fateful night at a rollicking sexy house party that’s exactly what…

  • Mirza Music

    Mirza Music

    As a film composer Raiomond Mirza’s sound has a sweeping scope of influences from around the world. It evokes the epic, the intimate, the adventurous and the experimental. His music ranges from envelope pushing edgy to big blockbuster Hollywood and always adds depth and sharpness to any film, tv, radio, theatre or multi-media project.He has…

  • Nina Wadia

    Nina Wadia